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Canina Dog Training - Private Lessons
Work one-on-one with instructor either at home or park.
Have your dog's training expand from the training ring to real-life situations. Whether you just want to touch up on your basic training or have a specific problem these private sessions will focus on your needs.

Some common problems include:
leash reactivity
resource guarding
separation anxiety
wild & destructive behavior
counter surfing
basic obedience and more
Pricing ][

$90.00 an hour

Three Lessons: $260.00
Six Lessons: $515.00
Ten Lessons: $850.00
Canina Dog Training - Daytime Training
Have your dog learn behaviors of your choice while you're away.
Training can either take place at your house and/or outside with real life distractions. Written notes with instructions will be included.

Benefits of daytime training:
enhances private lessons
dogs rehearse and are reinforce for positive behaviors
provides mental stimulation for your dog
choose the behaviors you want your dog to work on
receive notes at the end of the day explaining training
schedule at your convenience!
One hour training session during the day: $50.00
Canina Dog Training - Ultimate Training Program
This exclusive program offers a great training experience and takes the pressure off the owner.
A professional trainer will come in daily to train your dog and meet with you at the need of the week to show progress. Includes a phone consultation prior to starting the program to customized training and discuss goals.

Two consecutive weeks: $570.00
Four consecutive weeks: $1040.00
Canina Dog Training - Group Classes
Judit is currently teaching group classes at DoGone Fun Chicago
1717 S. State st.

For a list of current classes go to
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